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May-June Newsletter

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R+R Flat Stanley Contest

We’re excited to announce our big contest of the summer, R+R Flat Doctors!
 Dr. Robinson and Dr. Ries have been working hard all year and want to go on some adventures this summer. Cut out the picture of flat Dr. Robinson and/or Dr. Ries and take him with you wherever you go this summer…on vacation, to a party, or just having fun around the house.

The pictures with the most likes will win $300, so get your family and friends to like yours between now and Labor Day!

How to enter: email your picture to and say who you are and where you took the photo! We will post the photo on our Facebook page and respond via email with the link to your photo so you can start sharing and getting “likes.”

Click here for flat Dr. Robinson

Click here for flat Dr. Ries

More details…

  1. You can print the photos from home or stop by our office to pick them up. To print them yourself, go to our R+R Flat Doctors photo album and download the templates to your computer.
  2. Color, decorate, add a silly hat or beach ball… whatever you want! Be creative
  3. Take an awesome photo of Flat Dr. Robinson and/or Flat Dr. Ries to show off where you took them.
  4. Send the photo to, and we will post the picture in our R+R Flat Doctors photo album on facebook. You will receive an email with the direct link to your photo.
  5. Do everything you can to get the most views on your picture. (We suggest copying the link AND uploading your photo to your own Facebook page and encourage friends/family to click the link and “like” the photo on our page.)
  6. To remind your friends throughout the summer to “Like” the photo, feel free to “Share” the post on your own wall, linking our Facebook page!



Dr. Ries Flat Stanley FINAL.pngDr. Robinson Flat Stanley FINAL.png