Be Social and Win $100

12717313_10153195970971504_2497077625150053686_nWe are trying to grow our online presence and we need your help! We would like our patients to share their experiences (or post a picture at the office) and in return, they will be entered in to a raffle for a $100 or (2) $50 American Express cards. Here’s how it works:

1 Entry: When you “check in” on social media next time you are at our office on Facebook

*2 Entries: Post a picture at the office using our location (or simply post a picture to our Facebook page)

3 Entries: Leave us a review on Google +, Yelp, and/or Facebook

You may have an unlimited number of entries!  Winners will be drawn randomly on June 1st.Our office will be monitoring these sites and entering people in the raffle. If you want to make sure we saw your post, you are welcome to email us at to make sure we saw it.  We truly appreciate the feedback and participation!

*This may be a little confusing so we would like to clarify… You can post a picture on Instagram and use Robinson – Ries as your location. On Twitter, tweet a picture and add @RobinsonRies. For Facebook, you can either post a picture to our page or post a picture and use our location.


Staff Spotlight: Melonie

Melonie-220x280Today we are featuring Melonie – our lab technician who does the “behind the scenes” work. Although patients may not see her often, she is a very important part of everyone’s treatment because of the appliances she makes.

Melonie began working as an orthodontic assistant after working in Pedodontics (Children’s Dentistry.) Dr. Robinson hired her in 1988 as an orthodontic assistant and began to teach her the basics of retainers. Gradually, the office got busier and a full-time lab technician was needed. The transition wasn’t exactly easy for her because she loved working with the patients and children. However, she quickly found her niche in the lab and the rest is history!

As a lab technician, she creates active appliances that move and align a patient’s teeth as well as retainers that keep your teeth straight when your orthodontics is all done. Melonie is an expert at shaping wire, soldering and casting.Wally1

Modern orthodontic practices have evolved considerably over the last 20 years. Our office has adopted new technology to enhance the level of treatment and impressive results. That means Melonie is constantly learning new ways to improve patients’ treatment. “I like the challenge of new cases,” Melonie says. “When Dr. Robinson or Dr. Ries want to try new appliances, I am eager to do that. I just need to the know the function and design of it.”

When Melonie is not at the office, she is enjoying her free time with family and friends. She loves her adorable 14-year-old pug Wally. Just look at the picture of him and you can see why!

Ugh, Not Braces!

Getting your child excited about braces is a lot like: A) convincing a grumpy toddler that it’s time to take a nap? B) convincing a teenager to stop texting during dinner? C) convincing your husband to eat his peas? The answer, obviously, is all of the above.

And that’s why you may need a few thoughtful ways to get your child on board with braces.

  1. Throw a pre-braces party. It can’t be just any party, however, but a Willy Wonka celebration of candy, chips, gum, and all the sticky and sweet foods your child won’t be able to indulge in during the time he or she is wearing braces. Promise a post-braces celebration, too, and watch as your child’s eyes widen at the thought of an all-you-can-eat junk food buffet.
  2. Encouraging phrases like “braces aren’t eternal, but your straight smile will be” can go a long way.
  3. If your daughter is worried about getting picked on because of braces, then name-drop some A-list celebrities who have worn them. The list includes Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Dakota Fanning, and Gwen Stefani.
  4. Emphasize that braces today aren’t the same as they were in the Stone Age. From clear ceramic braces to different-colored braces, more options are available. Braces can be cool accessories to express a personal style.
  5. To get your child to embrace braces, you need to sing the praises of beautiful teeth, even if that means pointing out how crooked your teeth are because you never got braces.