February Newsletter

Take a look at the second edition of “The Wire” and get the latest scoop of what’s going on at Robinson – Ries Orthodontics! You may also pick up a copy at your next appointment.

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Patient of the month: Hannah

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.02.56 PMHannah Tager (10 years old) was selected as Patient of the Month and awarded $40. She is great patient of ours; no breaking her braces and perfect oral hygiene. AND she is always on time for her appointments. She has been in braces for eight months and is doing a great job with caring for them.

Hannah is in the 4th grade at Christian Fellowship. She stays busy with acting, basketball and SAFT. When she has free time outside of those activities, she likes to draw, bike, play the piano and sledding in the winter.

Thank you, Hannah, for making your braces a priority – it shows with your awesome smile!

How Your Straight Smile Can Help You In Life

At Robinson – Ries Orthodontics, our staff and doctors have found that patients who like their smiles have better self-esteem. People who aren’t comfortable showing their teeth are often skittish about talking to other people. When it comes to self-confidence, your teeth and smile have a lot to do with how you feel.

According to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, when women are asked what they want to change about themselves they often point to their smile. Despite wanting to change their smiles, quite few people actually take the initiative to get braces and correct their teeth. The American Association of Orthodontics says that about 75% of the population doesn’t have straight teeth, and those people would benefit from getting braces. But what are all the benefits from braces?

While improving the look of your smile may be the main reason for getting braces, there are many more benefits to getting straighter teeth:

  • It helps people speak more effectively.
  • It helps people chew and have a proper bite.
  • Straight teeth contribute to healthier teeth and gums. A healthy mouth makes brushing and flossing easier, and your entire mouth stays healthy.
  • Straight teeth have social and mental benefits. A nice smile boosts self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image, which can lead to more social and career success.

When you are confident with your smile, you feel better about yourself overall and there is nothing more fulfilling than that. If you have been thinking about obtaining that beautiful smile, call us today and we can help you make it happen.