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Our Philosophy

We don’t just straighten teeth. We create more beautiful faces!

Choosing an orthodontist is no simple matter. However, the reason people choose Robinson Orthodontics really is quite simple. It’s our treatment philosophy: at Robinson Orthodontics, we address the growth and development of the entire face. The result is not just a great smile and a healthy bite, but a more beautiful profile and face — for life.

Our mission is to give each and every patient an outstanding orthodontic experience, period. To us, that means:

Exceptional orthodontic care. Each patient’s treatment plan is prescribed and directed personally by Dr. Robinson, Columbia’s most experienced Board Certified Orthodontist. We utilize the best, most modern treatment technologies, stay abreast of the latest treatment protocols, and continually invest in training and development of our staff to ensure exceptional patient care.

Superior service. We realize that orthodontic treatment is a substantial investment. You have every reason to expect efficiency, accuracy and courtesy. That’s what Robinson Orthodontics delivers. Our experienced, well-trained staff is professional and genuine, our office environment is inviting, and our practice is very well managed.

A fun atmosphere. Is it possible to make a trip to your orthodontist fun? Absolutely! And after just a few minutes in our office, you’ll agree. At Robinson Orthodontics, we truly love what we do, and it shows. Around here, smiling is contagious.